Shree Lallubhai Sheth Arogya MaNdir

"100% Free healthcare multi-speciality hospital in the heart of Savarkundla"

Managed by Shree Vidhyaguru Foundation


“The Dialysis Centre is an essential part of the hospital, providing life-saving treatment for patients with chronic kidney disease or acute kidney injury. It offers hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis services, catering to patients who have lost kidney function. The centre is equipped with modern dialysis machines and offers a comfortable and sterile environment for patients undergoing treatment. The staff, including nephrologists, dialysis nurses, and technicians, are highly trained in providing efficient and compassionate care, ensuring the safety and comfort of patients during their treatment sessions.

Apart from dialysis services, the centre also focuses on patient education and lifestyle management to slow the progression of kidney disease. It works closely with the nutrition and dietetics department to provide dietary counseling tailored to the needs of dialysis patients. Regular monitoring and follow-up care are integral parts of the centre’s services, aiming to maintain the best possible quality of life for patients with kidney disease.”

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